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Christmas time!!!

Just letting you know...
I have a new post  genius hour, stars, and a new one on home every Thursday. ^ ^ 
every week in our class, Room 1 we look on other people's blogs from our class with a spinning wheel (on the computer) and we nominate  someone  who we think has done a really good job and this week I got nominated, Mr. Ashby checked it and I got chosen for blogger of the week!!!😁

Today we were doing math with decimals and we did it in partners ( I did mine with Louie) here is a video of what we did: video
  X-countryWell every few days we do x-country practice around the whole outside of the school we usually do  around about 3/4 laps.We have already done the cross country and I came 7th!We were going to the the inter schools but it was rained off I'm sorta happy about it and sorta not.


No child left inside: Well every Tuesday we go on to the top court to go and play lots of different fun games for no child inside right now we are learning rugby skills but we haven´t started this stage yet because it's been rained off so far.

DramaWell every second Monday we go to the hall to learn lots of cool and awesome drama skills because our school production is coming up soon and the trials are even sooner!So we are having tons of fun doing that!

Milk in schools: Every Tuesday and Thursday we go to get milk in schools, and I am one of the two milk monitors.The milk monitors hand out the milk and go grab in from the fridges.

S.T.E.A.M.S:Which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, maths yesterday we did that for our 2nd time and I chose 1.Chinese culture and we made really yummy dumplings and we made two kinds; meat and vegetarian 2. Stixplosions  was were we made a trail of Popsicle sticks and cubes to make a awesome explosion! 3. Theatre sports which was by far my favorite activity!This is were we did lots of drama activities.

Production: Well the production is basically a  play that involves the whole school it is about the Olympics and the main character is Sammy the seagull, Reed Toomey and Annie Tunen and the plot is how a failing news station  becomes amazing because they interview Sammy who is absolutely horrible his sport is discus. Here's the first scene:

Opening Scene in OTT-TV studio
Reed Toomey: The quick brown fox,the quick brown fox the quick brown fox
Annie Tunen: Memememememememememememe
Reed: Couch couch couch couch
Annie: cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo
Reed: Aaaaaaaaaa slurp aaaaaaaaaa slurp Annie She found sea shells she found sea shells
Gail Force: Sounding good you guys!

So that was just the news anchors for OTT-TV warming up.The other day we got told who has a main part and I got Lou Zarand the stressed out producer.They had to narrow down 100 to 40 then to 25 and I'm really happy that I got a part. Here are some props:

Coggle/Speech:  We have been doing lots of planing and I found that it very helpful for planning my speech that we are doing this term I am doing my speech on stopping animal cruelty. Here it is:
Animal testing should be banned

Well  imagine if your favorite  pet or  animal like a cat or dog were imprisoned only to be feeling pain, loneliness, and fear because of  animal testing  that should be banned, because like how Beagles keep getting blinded because of shampoo and soap testing, Think about that in the shower, and think about those thousands of animals a day getting blinded, burned, poisoned  and hurt in other unspeakable ways. We need to stop this now.

Animal testing is where  brands test their products on animals and were scientists test their

For starters we need to think about the brands.Well there are lots of there are lots of major brands such as:
L'oreal, Dove, Glad, Dior, Revlon, Colgate, Bic, Aveeno, Palmolive, Garnier, and they are the real murderers.
So to stop this we could use chemicals to test on  what other brands do like: Lush, Eco store and they can look up to those guys.But one of the worst bits of these brands are that most of their logos are of animals.

Its also really unfair because it's proven by De Waal that animals show empathy not just for other animals but for you as well and all we are doing  in return is hurting them. It’s just like you got   you're life saved  and you didn't do anything in return.So just think about it how would you  feel about it I bet you would’nt like that.

Just think, think about what we are doing to them. Everyone deserves respect no matter what species  .So when you look at a animal do you see friend or testing subject?

 MY SPACE MY PLACE This is my MY SPACE MY PLACE where we make what we like and relate it to learning with.I made a harry potter dog in front of Hogwarts the learning is Hogwarts because its a school.I learnt a lot when we did our MY SPACE MY PLACE! ;)
What I learnt:
Paper mache is not the easiest thing to do
. You have to do double coats in painting and mache

It was a cold night in Italy, Fleur was sitting on the porch looking out at the sea, slowly she turned on her heel and headed into the kitchen were her mother was cooking dinner. "Mummy were's daddy?" she didn't answer she repeated louder than before "Mummy were's daddy?"Fleurs mother turned there were tears in her eyes, they told the story "is 'e is 'e sick?"her mother nodded "badly" she answered .
                                Six years passed since then and they got a letter from the hospital saying he had recovered fleur had got a job up and greeted him like an old friend.

The dog pounced at his prey,scratched and clawed at the tree,he growled he circled the cat up the tree she arched her back hissed and she had won the fight dog growls  and the next time dog sees  a cat he growls and storms away but when cat sees a dog  she arches her back and smiles.

Superman in disguise 
Dear superman,
I would absolutely love it if you came to my 
25th birthday party.
When: before its too late where: the usual 
from: Rowena Ravenclaw 

Once Superman on the day of the party got dressed into well you know who well really he dressed up as you know who, the dark lord the nosless guy who is seriously obsessed with killing people you know  that Voldemort ugh just thinking about him makes me get chills down my spin.....


So with this game you need a book (preferably a grid book),three different pens,a partner and so what you do is draw ten or whatever numbers across and down then you only allowed to go down two and you can only go down,up, left, or right and your goal is at the end of the game to have the most squares completed with the letter of your sign.





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